Not in a Hurry

In the world which is in a tremendous hurry and in a relentless pursuit to move ahead, it takes immense courage for an individual to slow down. No matter where you want to go, you will do so one day at a time and you can neither go back nor skip the present and teleport yourself to the future.

When you slow down, you have more time to think and strategize and then execute your dreams. Everyone wants to join the bandwagon where everyone is jostling for space. Instead of going unnoticed in the crowd, take your time and create an identity to be noticeable and start a healthy trend.

A courageous heart is not perturbed by the agonizing pace of the world. Keep in touch with the world, learn from it and then use the experience to create a plan which suits you. Slowing down in life does not mean you are left behind. Once and for all, life is supposed to be enjoyed and yet, achieve the goals that are planned.

Do not stop but remember not to be in an excruciating hurry to achieve everything. No individual can have it all and cannot make everyone happy. There’s nothing wrong in slowing down the pace, acknowledging the beautiful people around and the nature that nurtures you.

Be happy, be strong and continue the journey of life with patience and positive attitude. Be grateful for everything and spread compassion and create a better future.

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