Of Memories and the Present

Memories are locked in the secret vault

Present predicament anchored in past

Heart still lives in the yesteryear experiences

Regales, revels, and some heartbroken tales

The immature heart never knew how to choose

Memories still come visiting in everyday dreams

It takes effort and to pull off the heavy anchor

Free the heart from all the memories that debilitate

Present becomes an anguishing daily existence

Eyes unable to see the beauty and love around

Some past memories can be written in heavy stones

Even with time they will be wiped away from them

Only time is the healer and the effort to move on ©

21 thoughts on “Of Memories and the Present

  1. Can I ask you Amitav, how you get your posts to show up on the newsfeed again well after you publish them? I’ve noticed you’ve done it often and I always think hmmm how does he do that, without reblogging? Thanks 😄


    1. Yeah, you can Blog Posts>Edit Section>ChangeStatus>Scheduled and then Chose Calender and set the timing when you want the posts to appear. You can schedule as many posts to be published immediately or in future time set. Let me know if it was clear.

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  2. I love how your deeply insightful words connect both interior and present day worlds Amitav. I truly believe that when we listen with one ear to the ground to our dreams we meet aspects of ourselves that come up for healing, many long years after the original hurt. Superb last line, so true! 🙂

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    1. Well said, Deborah. The key is to listen with intent and care to be ready to heal. Most of the times one is not ready to be healed and wants to live with the pain. Easier said than done, change is inevitable and as soon as we realize this and put the present into a right perspective, avenues will open for the heart and soul. 🙂

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