Writer’s Speak

Every word desires to be welcomed with open arms and embraced by the heart. They strive hard to convey the feelings of the author with clarity to the readers.

Every word is filled with an ounce of deepest emotions and set in coherent patterns to emphasize the crux of the story.

Building the core of any story or work of art is important as the whole plot will revolve around it. It should have enough centripetal force to allow the words to revolve freely while disseminating the idea with clarity, to a larger section of the readers.

The writer should be adventurous enough to pick up a plot thoughtfully to create an aura of invincibility, suspense, and authenticity. Once the words string together coherently, they are ready to roll out and convey the message of the writer.

Besides that there will be a multitude of interpretations. The success of any work of literature hinges on the fact, whether the reader enjoys reading it and also the words manage to expand the thought process of the readers.

Usually a very simple piece of writing with very few words, with a well thought of plot can create wonders; whereas, a lengthy piece of literature, where words are spent lavishly and yet lack finesse and does not appeal to the readers.

It is not the number of words that count, it is the authentic feelings and thoughts narrated from the heart give credence to the story. Simple heartfelt words appeal more to the readers compared to convoluted plots embellished with unnecessary vocabulary.

When the readers identify with a piece of writing and urges them to analyze, it is the writer’s greatest achievements. Writing is an art that appeals to the readers when the writer willingly offers the piece of writing with humility and gratitude.

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