A Memorable Walk

When you are away from the spotlight

Walking alone through the silent streets

The moonlight comes to your rescue

Blinded by the dazzling artificial lights

The eyes take time to adjust to nature’s light

Cobbled street seems familiar to you

Compared to the sleek roads you traveled

With each step, you walk toward oblivion

Away from the crowd and cacophony

You can hear a voice calling your name

It’s a euphoric feeling to hear a genuine calling

Only when you have relinquished the burden

You feel one with yourself, an overpowering sense

To see things in new light and a new path ahead

Silent traveler along this cobbled street

Unknown destination, but keep walking

World is your abode as ye shall seek true happiness

The journey has just begun for you ©

18 thoughts on “A Memorable Walk

  1. Last month I took a ‘new road’ here in the realm of the interconnective blogosphere, far away from the crowd and the cacophony where I was drowning in a sea of things … so resonate deeply with your words today Amitav.

    I do not strive for life’s gold watch, I want more than anything to come home …. there can be no other ‘memorable walk’ for me. Sometimes, sometimes we read just the right words, today dear poet, yours were mine. 🙂

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    1. Deborah, I believe, that the course of our life changes based on our personal choices and some external factors which we cannot control, but again both have their consequences. Inadvertently, sometimes, the bad experiences lead us to the right path. It is said how people act is their prerogative but how we react determines our karma. Of all, you know that the adage, ‘whatever happens, happens for the best’ is true after all. Now that you have found this new platform and you are more in control of things it will help you express your creativity lot more freely and reach out to more readers who can give a constructive critique. No one can take away the exceptional skill that you have and your work will always be appreciated, for sure. Wishing you the best. 🙂

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