Deconstruct Life

You have to deconstruct the elements of life and yourself, to really understand it. Only when you see the pieces of the puzzle individually, you will have a fair idea where they fit. Usually, you are wary of loosening the strings that bind you and forget to breathe freely and soak in life’s energy.

There is immense energy and positivity that life has to offer and the answer lies within you. Do not keep yourself away from the things you believe in and let the clamors around you drown the inner voice. A steely resolve will help you stand your ground and walk the path you want to.

Remember, getting into an argument will not solve every problem. In life, you have to sometimes silently and emphatically prove with your actions that you are going in the right direction. You are only sure about the world outside when you understand yourself completely (self-realization); know your limitations, strengths, and determination. When you are aware and conscious, you cannot be deterred from reaching your goal.

As I mentioned in the first line of this write-up, you have to deconstruct life’s elements and yourself, to reach a level of awareness about life. Avoid conflict with your inner self and only when you completely accept who you are, you will be confident facing this world.

You are bound to face opposition in life and there will be lot many naysayers, trying to demotivate you. Face such challenges with dignity and mitigate them with your tact, inner beliefs, and determination. After all, what is life without the challenges? These challenges test your attitude towards life and your sincerity.

It is a good idea to indulge in some self-talk to energize yourself and bring back the focus in your life. Remember, you are in this world for a purpose. When you have realized that purpose, you are perfectly aligned to life. Disappointments and challenges will always be a part of this life and sometimes you have to cry inconsolably to drain out the negativity.

At the end, it is important, you gather yourself with renewed urgency and focus on the means to reach your goal. You are not trying to prove anything to anyone, you are just following your dream and you will be happy and your inner world will be satisfied with the success. Do it for you!

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