Perfidious Intentions

Of all the tussles in the world

Most strenuous is the tussle with oneself

Leaves you vulnerable and bare

An invitation to the perfidious ones to exploit

Your paradise left at the mercy of lies

Every drop, corroding away the foundation of trust

You will be put on a pedestal of judgments

More fabricated stories will ruin your reputation

Like wild fire getting a new lease of life

Known faces, but unknown intentions push you

Toward a perilous and uncertain world

Violence is the outburst of inefficiency and weakness

Ravaging and eating up the will to be sober

When humanity becomes the biggest foe

Pitted against each other, known enemy is the fiercest

Only a shame to be attacked by ones you trusted

Outside forces waiting to pounce on the chaos

Will always find a way to annihilate what is weakened

The fabric of relations are tarnished by the bloodshed

Weakened from the revolts of the untrustworthy©

2 thoughts on “Perfidious Intentions

  1. Amitav, your words are so beautiful and so strong they make me want to cry, cry out how much I resonate with you about those with their perfidious, untrustworthy intentions. Your poem returns to me as echo from my own vulnerable and bare words. Blessings, Deborah. 🙂

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