The Saga of Love

Inside the maze of definitions and fabrications

Real love wanders alone in unknown alleys

As many temptations can be devised carefully

Many hearts fall for the silhouette of love

Painted a world full of hopes and expectations

Soon the walls show the cracks and colors fade away

Each day becomes an endless labor to survive

Trying to save the colors and gathering the peels

Walls become bare and cracks give way to molds

The once paradise smell stale and foundations decrepit

Love, the commonly used word, is so often misunderstood

Real love has lost the way wandering away lonely

Living lies and making up to the unrealistic expectations

It becomes a scripted drama where characters act

Many hearts and myriad temptations lead to an abyss

The stars in the twinkling eyes; now shrouded in clouds

Love’s definitions are flawed and expectations unreal ©

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