Morning Revelation

Mornings are a revelation

Soul wakes up with hope

Wishing the dreams to be true

Nights are time to contemplate

Introspection in silence

Waiting for the first rays of morning

Hope keeps the dreams alive

In the confluence of darkness and light

Your heart will find the blend of life

An awakened soul is consciousness

Mornings will be revelation

A new beginning and new saga

Another page to be added in the memoir©

5 thoughts on “Morning Revelation

  1. Great writing Amitav! For me (being Jung at heart!) I feel that dreams are true, very true in fact … deep reflections of our interior worlds where me meet with varying aspects of ourselves to love, do battle with or feign indifference and so much more. I love the renewed hope that each dawn brings … ‘Morning Revelation’ so perfectly titled once again. 🙂

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