Denials and More

Naive it is to believe the fleeting presence Hurt the soul with unnecessary rebelliousness Without a cause and any direction to move ahead Stuck within the confines of relentless social mores Defeatist causes and dysfunctional communications World has come to a passé due to misinterpretations The ways of the life and the basic tenets are disregarded Institutionalizations of thoughts have coerced the mind Confined the … Continue reading Denials and More

Idea of Supremacy

The whole idea of supremacy is an aberration. Believing in the idea that one is inferior proves there is an inherent fear to be challenged. Real freedom comes, when one has no fear of losing and do not compare their way of life with others. Gaining satisfaction from comparisons is a reflection of weakness and defeats the sole purpose of life itself. Attitude and approach … Continue reading Idea of Supremacy