Another Day

The tired day slows down its paces

Feels overwhelmed with all the events

Recurring thoughts of the successes and failures

It’s time to give the day a chance to reminisce

Another day will pass by and be part of your past

As you walk into the night awaiting a good night’s sleep

Mind is fatigued with so many events worldwide

You are part of the most complex interconnected puzzle

You try to figure out every day where you fit

Most of the time you see yourself trying to find a place

The puzzle does not warn you about the rough edges

Try another day and figure out where you stand

You have the night to yourself to ponder and contemplate

Another dawn will greet you and present you another chance

Be yourself and find the meaning in life and stop trying to fit in

The mental tussles make you resilient and give you power

An opportunity will come your way in the guise of another day ©

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