Thoughts Travel Far

You are never alone in your thoughts

Subliminally interacting with likeminded

Soul who is listening to you in earnest

There may be innumerable dots to be mapped

Waiting to be connected with to reveal

A soul who has waited for eons for this moment

Follow the guiding star and be true to yourself

To the most cherished destination you deserve

For a traveler with honest intent, wait is not in vain

Life always has some real education for you to improve

To look at life from a fresh perspective and honesty

No more detours and unrealistic expectations

When you have found a soul who believes your heart

Your true intent and the genuine feelings you harbor

You are now anchored in reality after many trials

No trivial musings when you believe in eternity

A soul earnestly looking at the cycle of life in entirety

To rise above the distractions and alluring embellishments

Two souls draped in sheer costumes of honesty and reality

The dots will finally be connected to etch out the world

An abode where the two souls will reside for eternity ©

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