Interpretations of Life

The myriad interpretations of life

Contradictory perceptions create

A tangential world of multitudes

Rays of life go through the glass façade

Only to be caged within the darkness

Light loses its intensity to illuminate

Trapped within the confines of fragility

Misdirected by the blinding reflections

The glare becomes blinding for the eyes

Truth and dogmas are always in a tussle

Living in the contradictions sans meanings

Time is eternal and not in a hurry to reveal

The truth which can dispel the confusion

Resigned to the fate of unpredictability

Woven a parallel world of acceptability

Under duress to prove intellectual supremacy

Glass facades are like black holes

Where reasoning and truth are trapped forever

Distortion of images creates a blurry vision

Away from the truth, trying to fathom life ©

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