Poetic Feelings

The poetic feelings

Tread between real and surreal

Mirroring the expanse of imagination

Where minds fear to venture

And where poetic imagination braves

The boundaries of the set norms

Poetic liberty narrates the future reality

Believe in the journey strewn with odds

Poetic feelings will usher the unlikely

Emotions and feelings that creates turmoil

Within the world of the poet

Away from the conventional

Without conforming to time

Imaginations travel far to salvage

The dying emotions

Poetic journey is exhilarating

Innumerable conclusions

Mirroring the many facets of life ©

2 thoughts on “Poetic Feelings

  1. Poetic interpretation and perspective is such a welcome parallel to the overpowering tendency in Western society to view everything in rational/scientific terms and to give that the (only) priority. Thank the goddess there are other ways of giving meaning to life, like poetry, which can return warmth and the “mystery”/”magic”/transrationality to existence. Greetings always, dear Amitav, Sam 🙂

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    1. Well stated, Sam. Science is ‘work in progress’ and rationality is based on the reality or logic which is commonly comprehended. Surreality may be the reality and so on. Only one who is rooted and well aware can not be swayed by the strong winds or ‘(irr)rationality and poetry, or literature for that matter states that is commonly misconstrued. As always, thank you for your perspective. 🙂 Greetings and best wishes, Sam. 🙂

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