Art of Deception

Unparalleled mastery at the art of deception

Chanting the clichés in the most glib way possible

Turning around situations in favor of oneself

Words are spilled like oil creating a slippery ground

Unaware footsteps are sure to falter and slide

Along the smooth and flimsy ground of deception

Dexterously looking to spin a bamboozling web around

The ferocious urge to prowl and stalk the unaware souls

Behind the smiles, there are some sinister intentions

The bitter truth of deception gulped down like sugary pills

Before the unaware soul gets caught in the vicious cycle

Mind obfuscated by the many deals of benefits

Tossed away every day, the dreams and commitments

The most beautiful dreams now lay there in smithereens

Art of deception is a mastery creating an enchanted tale

Smooth moves and gullible hearts fall for the nemesis ©

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