Travel with Thoughts

The trajectories of your thoughts Leaves indelible fine lines on life’s map Enmeshed with the course of your fate Floating across the vast expanse of nothingness Trying to find semblance of reality to hide The multitude of routes proves dreary You travel along the tunnel of thoughts Tackling the parallel routes and losing direction Back and forth with feelings of trepidation It’s time to follow … Continue reading Travel with Thoughts

Deserted by Time

Surreptitious steps across the alleys Lonely cottage almost dilapidated Cobbled street which no one treads Moldy walls shedding tears of agony Hands that lay the foundation is history Successive lives have enjoyed the glory Now the past haunts the decrepit present Pale shadows of souls that inhabited Wondering, when time will devour them Winds whispering through the deserted cottage The intricate ecosystem of nature’s roots … Continue reading Deserted by Time

Solitary Wanderings

Sublime dreams of mystical wanderings Thoughts that are considered delirious A soul propelled through the spiraling consciousness Away from the blanket thoughts of mundane ramblings Aimless and an idle soul respects the timeless fervor Silence means a world swathed in eternal light of truth There are moments of euphoric feeling on oneness Adopted by the entire universe as its own being Feeling alive with the … Continue reading Solitary Wanderings

The Liberated Soul

As the liberated soul Saunters through the wilderness Meditating on the birth of life Privy to many transformations As modern life treads at a fast pace The liberated soul is free Without worries about expectations Enjoying the transient presence Awaiting a new manifestation Abstract ideas take shape Within the world of eternal bliss Meandering through cosmic swirl Awakening to new phases Secrets from the mind’s … Continue reading The Liberated Soul