Solitary Wanderings

Sublime dreams of mystical wanderings

Thoughts that are considered delirious

A soul propelled through the spiraling consciousness

Away from the blanket thoughts of mundane ramblings

Aimless and an idle soul respects the timeless fervor

Silence means a world swathed in eternal light of truth

There are moments of euphoric feeling on oneness

Adopted by the entire universe as its own being

Feeling alive with the celestial light streaming through

The meaning of light and darkness entwined with space

Bare and pristine soul lay here between idleness and awakening

Out of the realm of the defined, thoughts are timeless©

One thought on “Solitary Wanderings

  1. The trademark of your poetry Amitav is always that your poetic writings are (to me) beautiful and divinely penned … here again we listen to the beloved soul whisperer doing what he does best, doing what he has been called to do, write blissful poems. 🙂

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