In the midst of hazy air of confidence And erecting a distorted mirror To reflect the ideas of mediocrity Logic that defies the very existence Pseudo-intellectualism is a bane Every lecture regurgitated with rhetoric Leading a misleading campaign with glib oratory Trying to dominate the minds with jargons The excessive sheen of debauchery is palpable There are no roadmaps for the misguided souls Excellence is … Continue reading Befuddled

Mellifluous Morning

The silence of early morning is mellifluous Slowly stripped of the covers of darkness Unveiling a new day with hope in the heart Early riser greeted with an envelope of love Carrying the message for another day Listening to the silent oratory of the morning Explaining the tenets of a joyous life ahead The keen soul finds it easier to comprehend Morning preacher explains the … Continue reading Mellifluous Morning