Sense of Hegemony

A false sense of hegemony

Flares from the deep-rooted insecurity

The strength is not in the numbers

Or, being in perpetual state of fear

Strength resides in an aware mind

Away from the pillars of institutionalization

Adapting to change and widening horizons

Sometime cocoons won’t help metamorphose

It becomes the darkest corner of the world

There is only ‘now’ that is the only reality

And visionaries dream of a world better than today

False sense of hegemony is a regression

Into the dark ages of existence©

6 thoughts on “Sense of Hegemony

  1. A sombre warning. Sometimes it is the poet’s “duty” to entertain, to speak of beauty and all that warms the human heart; at other times (like this), it is his duty to speak the truth by shining the light on aspects of humanity that are less alluring. Well done, dear Amitav. Blessings, Sam 🙂

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    1. I always try to portray various aspects of life and society through poetry. Yes, the truth has to be conveyed, which is not always palatable. Hope, my words are taken in good spirit and in a constructive way. 🙂 Thank you, dear Sam. 🙂

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