Evening Rains

As the evening settles down slowly There’s a surprise hidden in the winds Ushering the drizzles on the parched land Slowly the cascading droplets feel the euphoria Transforming to a more rhythmic rain dance Evening casts a spell with the lyrical display Paces slow down for the soul wants to enjoy Soul desires to be drenched with ecstasy Today’s evening drapes a captivating hue Shimmering … Continue reading Evening Rains


The rising clamor turns into louder chants Different voices speaking the same language Vocal chords stretched between wants and expectations Raising the pitch every day stressing on each syllable In the garb of same tone, a deafeningly cracked tonal quality Vociferous raptures and the ebb and flow of the hand waves Demands are many from the modern social order Waiting to create fissures in the … Continue reading Voices

World of Woes

A world closer to you Most often you overlook Distant visions look alluring Subtle feelings and affections Makes you feel smothered Ye shall miss the nuances Painting the world in gray You fail to listen to the pleas Words from the heart Preferring the air of ambiguity Clandestinely walking around Without an abode to retire Risking the crumbling world within Looking at life with crude … Continue reading World of Woes