World of Woes

A world closer to you

Most often you overlook

Distant visions look alluring

Subtle feelings and affections

Makes you feel smothered

Ye shall miss the nuances

Painting the world in gray

You fail to listen to the pleas

Words from the heart

Preferring the air of ambiguity

Clandestinely walking around

Without an abode to retire

Risking the crumbling world within

Looking at life with crude perceptions

Life without a firm foundation

Prone to fall for the deceptions

Abusing the privilege of life

A beautiful soul shrivels up

The world within an enormous void

Echoing the fervent ramblings

The world which was so alluring

Now distances itself from you

Left alone between the chasms

World without any meaning

Consequences of the frivolous acts

It takes courage to make right choices

Privileges are abused to the hilt

It’s a selfish world out there

World order is in chaos©

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