Life- Efforts and Challenges

Life chooses us. We are here, trying to find out various ways to maneuver through life. Paths, there is many- Straight paths, parallel paths (never to meet), long winding paths (delays), deserted paths, dangerous paths, fulfilling paths, courageous paths, and a path toward perdition.  In life, we are presented with choices, that determine the journey.

We all have dreams, some of them come to fruition, whereas, at other times we are partially close to them, and in the worst case dreams have to be abandoned. We have to move ahead, in spite of the challenges and temporary hiccups. However, time flows.

Considering the fact, we are a social being, we always form communities and adhere to the principles of the society we belong to. It gives us a sense of security and a feeling of camaraderie. Traditions bind the communities together, where they congregate to renew the bonding.

Somewhere, in all this, the sense of individuality gets blurred and we start thinking from the perspective of collective consciousness. In fact, our decisions, lifestyle, and choices are inadvertently influenced by this. We always strive to fit in, to be seen as one of the community and feel the safety of being accepted.

Structured education or curriculum-based education can only educate us with the scientific theories, the history, and  existing knowledge which have been acquired over a period of time.

With many trials and failures, humanity has come to fathom a minuscule portion of the workings of the universe and the geography of the planet we live in. With this institutionalized education, we learn only that much, which enables us to choose a career and make a living.

Anyone who questions outside the purview of this existing knowledge base is either perceived be an iconoclast or a complete misfit. As long as we adhere to the set rules and the life as we have known to lead, life becomes normal.

We feel challenged and threatened when existing traditions and knowledge are questioned. We tend to limit our thought processes and live life the way we always have. We have an aversion to change.

Change, not for the sake of change, not the digital revolution or the host of gadgets we have to play with. Technologies have taken huge strides and we are proud about that.

Is human life or their condition improving or keeping pace with these advancements? The answer is an emphatic ‘no’. We can see a glaring disparity in human conditions. There are many sections of the society which still do not have potable water, electricity, homes, access to medical facilities and most importantly justice.

Although we belong to the same human society and we have this only inhabitable planet that we know of, we have not been very judicious or enterprising enough to make it better for everyone. Either, the decision makers lack the vision or choose to remain passive.

We have created so many differences and demarcated so many uncommon grounds; we feel the societal structure is in peril. The failures of the human race are becoming increasingly visible and there is a conscious effort to still hide behind the mask of so-called development.

As I had earlier mentioned the different paths, we are left with no choice and our visions and dreams are getting restricted and constricted. We are looking at a narrow path and suffering from a ‘tunnel vision’ syndrome.

There is no scope to improve or implement changes which will benefit all sections of humanity.  It’s time to live the camaraderie and feel the bonhomie.

8 thoughts on “Life- Efforts and Challenges

  1. I totally agree with what you said.. also i feel we as human beings are too much in love with our comfort zone. Sometimes there are opportunities at our doorstep and all we need to do is take a step forward and make that choice of accepting this new chance yet we lose out on this cause we dont want to move an inch from our comfort zone be it in a job which we dont like and crib about it daily yet do nothing, be it waking up from the bed and taking the early morning jog which in the long run would help us or even a relationship which doesnt help us grow at all yet we stick to that making it difficult for oneself and the other involved in it. Life is all about making right choice at the right time with just a little effort.
    Happy Weekend:)

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    1. I think we need to make an effort to think about humanity and bring a change in our thoughts. We are so caught up with career and consumerism that we forget about the basic things in life. It’s about ‘us’ and not ‘I’. Thank you for your perspective and your wonderful comment. Greetings, Amitav.

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