Glamorous Evening

It’s a glamorous evening Pitter patter of rains ups the ante The groovy rhythm becomes faster An evening of splendor City lights magnify the ambience World transforms to a grand stage Here, the heart is ecstatic Listening to the groovy rhythm of rains Mellow flow of lustrous waterfall The stage is set for an encore Pitter patter of rains is magical The heart says, “once … Continue reading Glamorous Evening

Alien Existence

In the world of expectations An urge to fall back for support Trying to garner some identity Mirrors become faceless Lost identity cloaked with falsity The true world and belief Erodes with time and external definition Transforming the world With designs devised by others Lost identity and residue of hope Leaves the soul without a face Alien identity inflicts the core of existence Mind crumbles … Continue reading Alien Existence