A Moment in Life

There is one moment in life

When everything falls into perspective

A moment of epiphany

The walls disappear between the compartments

Always living according to life’s various labels

Stay defined or be damned

Restricting the magnanimity and purpose of life

There will always come a moment

The soul will realize and awaken to a purpose

Life is much superior, to what we have fathomed

Silent introspection opens up new vistas

A moment can change the meaning of life

For it holds the secrets of the universe©

8 thoughts on “A Moment in Life

  1. Dear Amitav, I wonder what sparks that moment in people and why some people never get the cosmic nudge. Perhaps some persons are born to parents who are interested in “silent introspection” and “the secrets of the universe” so the awakening comes more naturally? Sometimes this “moment in life” appears to be a spontaneous spiritual happening; other times, tragedy or challenging life circumstances can be the instigators. I think the crazy working hours and hectic lifestyles people see as “normal” in the West are part of the reason why some people never wake up to the “moment”. They are so exhausted, caught up in the rat race, that the soul’s calling cannot be heard. Lovely to read your post, as always. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Dear Sam, you have raised a very important question here. Well. there may be many factors which in combination, leads to a life one experiences. Karma, thoughts, life-cycle, past and present experiences, people we are surrounded with, the kind of vibes we give or receive, and the choices we make or are pressurized to. It’s common and safe practice to follow the norm and be accepted, rather than being alone. Not many realize or accept that being alone does not mean ‘to be lonely’. It requires courage to choose a solitary path. Not only the West, as you have mentioned, society everywhere is experiencing a major shift. Choices are being made and thrust upon and their consequences will be evident later. If every ‘moment’ the mind is busy with unnecessary thoughts and worries, it cannot concentrate on the self; distractions, there are plenty (let’s not mention them here). 🙂 Peace within will lead to peace in the world around us. None of us are immortal, yet, we worry every second of our life we are either living in the past or worrying about the future, the ‘now’ being neglected. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, best wishes, and warm greetings to you, Amitav. 🙂

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    1. The Nepal incident was an unprecedented tragedy. My prayers are with the people of Nepal and hope they can cope with the loss of their near and dear ones and also get back to normalcy.
      As far as my two lines in the poem are concerned, it’s what I have observed and learned from life.

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      1. Nepal was sad.Just very sad.
        Accuracy in terms of the fact that this is not just a learning but more like a universal truth,you cannot find an error in it just like machines are made to be perfect in their observations.

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