Austere Thoughts

Cloaked in the austere thoughts Entrenched within the soul and mind Life’s real purpose is revealed Adopt the pace of life and walk along Life’s intricate alleys open up To the one who is the willing traveler Experience many facets of life Explore the deeper meanings of life You, an incarnation of Nature Evoke the magnanimity and patience Happiness comes with purpose That life wants … Continue reading Austere Thoughts

The Love Saga

Love has become a tragedy Misinterpreted Misrepresented Mistaken Love has become a mere word Losing its relevance In the garb of needs and wants Expectations galore Apprehensive Vulnerable Fragile Love is threatened by definitions It’s become a photo-op Media’s manipulative portrayal Of a convoluted saga Love has become a drama Scripted with fabrications Plots Actors Performers Love has become an extravaganza Applause For the greatest … Continue reading The Love Saga

In Morning Solitude

In the morning solitude Words flow spontaneously The grandeur of nature And the beauty of glowing soul Inspires the silence within To express the flowing thoughts As I absorb the morning light It rejuvenates my entire world Dawn in life is never late Only the keen soul can appreciate Life blossoms if full magnificence Divine beauty is awakened within It’s an inspiring feeling To be … Continue reading In Morning Solitude

Labyrinth of Chaos

The decibel levels go uphill every day Reaching the pinnacle of chaos Blinding city lights looks alluring from aerial view Here, the ground reality narrates a different story Hearts have become cold and greetings camouflaged Contradictory messages from incoherent thoughts Daily tasks are never satisfying and without a goal Sycophants are the winners in the floundering businesses Dichotomy and dilemma split the psyche Lack of … Continue reading Labyrinth of Chaos