In Morning Solitude

In the morning solitude

Words flow spontaneously

The grandeur of nature

And the beauty of glowing soul

Inspires the silence within

To express the flowing thoughts

As I absorb the morning light

It rejuvenates my entire world

Dawn in life is never late

Only the keen soul can appreciate

Life blossoms if full magnificence

Divine beauty is awakened within

It’s an inspiring feeling

To be blessed by nature’s light

The mist adds to the ambience

As it slowly fades away

Revealing the ultimate dream of nature

To envision and nurture beauty

I reconnect with Mother Nature

A bond that one cannot severe

Love embraces me with magnanimity

I am nature’s child

Morning dawned on me with dreams

That I am always blessed

With beautiful thoughts and hope

This soul shall transcend all challenges

To unite with the Mother©

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