Labyrinth of Chaos

The decibel levels go uphill every day

Reaching the pinnacle of chaos

Blinding city lights looks alluring from aerial view

Here, the ground reality narrates a different story

Hearts have become cold and greetings camouflaged

Contradictory messages from incoherent thoughts

Daily tasks are never satisfying and without a goal

Sycophants are the winners in the floundering businesses

Dichotomy and dilemma split the psyche

Lack of leadership skills sends everything in a quandary

Blinding city lights obfuscates the real vision

Everything one can buy with borrowed money

A sense of owning things which are not yours entirely

It’s a sense of chaos which is overwhelming

Directionless maneuvering through the chaotic labyrinths

Still the heart wants more, an insatiable hunger©

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