Images of Life

The world seems to become a blurring image

Speeding images become too much to comprehend

Slurry thoughts which cannot blend with the psyche

Moving in a stupor without any thoughtful goal

Peace is stirred with the ladles by frenzied minds

Altering the intricate ecosystem of original tenets of life

Weakening bonds and feelings of apathy seeping through

Minds are unable to sieve the unnecessary debris

Leaving life more vulnerable and prone to debilitating thoughts

Every action has its consequence which impacts the soul

Distanced from the core of life, every step seems drudgery

The insentient life loses the ability to feel love and gratitude©

6 thoughts on “Images of Life

  1. Hi Amitav, I read this excellent poem over a few times and it made me think: “cut off from nature (Mother Earth)”. I think the state of mind and being you describe occurs often when people live in concrete jungles, far from nature, surrounded by the positive ions that are generated by all the modern-day technological machinery, etc. The other image I got was of commuters on a train in the early morning – on the treadmill of life, which is probably where those in power want us to be so that we are so exhausted with our daily humdrum that we don’t have the time or energy to question too much. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sam, for sharing your perspective. 🙂 We are- cut-off, lost, adrift in a huge sea of an unexplainable journey. Without a knowledge of what to do with this life and the purpose of it all. Any endeavor is futile without the true knowledge and purpose. Yes, you aptly described it as ‘treadmill of life’ love that expression, we are running and getting exhausted, and going nowhere. As if, there is a lot of ‘inaction’ in our ‘action’. When mental fatigue sets in we are unable to think and make the right choices. The saga continues. Love and warm wishes, Amitav. 🙂

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