The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire To disseminate subliminal messages Through the realm of unknown intelligence Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos Few minds are conscious of the messages Revealing the mystical chapters of life Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge Even mountains and caves speak a surreal … Continue reading The Messages of Life

Crowded Caravans

Don’t board the crowded caravans Caught in the web of chaotic traffic Haphazard intersections of journey Colliding with each other at will You can hardly hear yourself speak Voice drowned in unrealistic cacophony Caravans, like rudderless ships they move Without deciphering the journey’s map Unsure and relentless pursuit of woes Life ceases to be the conscious pilgrimage Quickened thoughts and unrealistic goals The very essence … Continue reading Crowded Caravans

Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love Audible to the eager hearts Love flows around the isle Where two lovers reside Away from speculations Night skies shine brighter Luminous constellations Echoes the lover’s sentiments Soul shapes fortunes Bathing in love’s opulence There are no worries When two hearts harmonize This blessed isle Is the ultimate paradise Richness of simplicity Where two souls rejoice In love’s magnanimity© Continue reading Isle of Love