The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire

To disseminate subliminal messages

Through the realm of unknown intelligence

Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos

Few minds are conscious of the messages

Revealing the mystical chapters of life

Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries

Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors

Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge

Even mountains and caves speak a surreal language

Water flows, carrying the deep knowledge afar

Through crevices, terrains, and vast expanse of wildernesses

Trees whisper in unison carrying the messages

An ecosystem of roots deep down carries a web of information

Melt the sands of time to expose the messages

Deep seas still protect the knowledge in unfathomable abysses

We are unaware of the exchanges of information

Until we calm our minds and listen with intent

Silence will reveal from its core a treasure of life’s dimensions©

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