Memoirs and Thoughts

Don’t let the thoughts fade away Give them abode they so keenly desire You will move on, leaving the thoughts behind Only to be read again and again to be deciphered Thoughts that you birthed from your observations Nurtured them in your mind and soul for long Now the ink urges you to pen down the feelings Revealing the facets of life you so keenly … Continue reading Memoirs and Thoughts

The Cauldron

The cauldron full of negative potion Raging fire beneath brings it to a boil Toxic fumes incapacitate the consciousness In the haze of insecurity and turmoil Obfuscating the breath of fresh air The original roots are withering away As the strong potion of negativity flows deep Vitiating the very source of life’s origins Weaknesses and fault lines are visible Life is left vulnerable from the … Continue reading The Cauldron