Evening Saga

As evening settles in With the last rays of sun receding Slowly combing the wilderness Eventide casts a solemn mood A heart that wants to retire To the embrace of darkness And see the world transform Night sky is intriguing A canopy of dazzling lights Glimmer of hope written across Trying to communicate With the soul that cares To pay attention to the darkness Slowly … Continue reading Evening Saga

The Ephemeral

Floating through the ephemeral In a beautiful trance, across space Undefined and untamed cosmic marvel Unsolved equation leaves us with many queries Interspersed with, little known and anonymity Trying to surrender to the cosmic eternity The only way to delve deeper into a meaning A perplexed soul will never retire till truth is revealed Many lifecycles and journeys through different realms The ephemeral is an … Continue reading The Ephemeral