Life- Choices and Mistakes

Till the moment, things go our way; we find it extremely engaging to get swayed by the tides.

We allow ourselves to be deluged in the deep waters, feeling euphoric, and the mind in a whirlwind tour of the recently found engagement.

We do not measure the pros and cons, as it gives an emotional surge as well as help deal with boredom.

At the onset, when we veil our gullibility to experience the alluring proposition, we fail to fathom the consequences.

Maybe, to start with, the whole engagement is a grievous mistake. The wild heart and the new found hallucinating effect gets the better of us and we do not give a damn about the cautionary words.

Even our near and dear ones become our adversaries. The rebellion is in full swing and like a foolhardy braveheart, a dream of conquering the world.

With the knack of proving our bravado and individuality, we turn against everyone and go ahead with the decision to walk the path. Even a tinge of self-doubt fails to warn the heart, that so relentlessly seeks euphoria.

It’s not necessary to follow the norm and we have the liberty to choose our path. It is equally important to use our mind and be judicious enough with our decisions.

This awareness comes from self- realization and with the knowledge of the world.

It’s not a defeatist approach to be cautious in life and then take decisions. We are so often in a hurry to taste everything that the world dishes out to us; we often suffer from undesirable situations.

We all make mistakes but not learning from mistakes is a bigger mistake.

Given the anecdotes and the incidents that come to light, it’s proven, we are poor learners. That’s the truth about us. We repeat the same mistakes.

The same moments which were so rebelliously giving us immense joy turns out to be a nightmare. Life is beautiful; no doubt about it, but it takes immense self-control and discipline to stay on the right path.

Now, let’s get this straight. Many will argue, what’s right for me may not be right for someone else. I will plainly state that any action or choice which causes us harm and leads us down the path of self-destruction is wrong.

‘Life is simple, do not try to complicate it’- the adage still has value, and is true, till today.

It never harmed anyone who indulged in quality thinking.

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