A New Journey

Disrobe the cloak of repentance

Let the soul be bare and free

Surrender to the embrace of nature

Take a dip in the eternal flow of life

And feel the soul revive with gaiety

Feel the cathartic effects of ablution

Drink from the pure fountain of life

Every pore is a conduit for realization

A prayer to enter the hallowed chamber

Accept the offering of robe of purity

Without the burden of prejudices

A new perspective and a new abode

Through a new path, an eternal journey begins©

8 thoughts on “A New Journey

  1. Wonderful poem, Amitav. Very uplifting and inspiring. I enjoyed contemplating and absorbing the energy inherent in the last line: “Through a new path, an eternal journey begins” i.e. the contrast between “new” (a beginning or restart) and “eternal” (something that not only is without end but also without beginning i.e. eternity is ever-present). A joy as always to spend time savouring your ideas and poetic expression. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Sam. I am glad, you liked this poem and as always, wonderful to read your perspective. A ‘new’ path because it was not the choice before and yes, rightly mentioned, ‘eternity’ is boundless and cannot be quantified. It is we who put definitions and limit our thought process and the essence of this life. We are here for a fleeting moment, but life continues. Thank you for sharing your views. Love and warm greetings, Amitav. 🙂

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