Rendezvous with Self

When was the last time you missed yourself? Thinking and consolidating your thoughts, to create a more vivid image of yourself. It is imperative to understand yourself -the kind of thoughts you harbor, the vision you have about life, the tendencies to extract different types of knowledge; every aspect is important to help you in the journey. Most often we start shaping our thoughts according … Continue reading Rendezvous with Self

Specter of Time

The ghost of time has cast a spell Secret sorcery chants to hallucinate Devoid of volition and hearts will Forever fleeing from the truth Vulnerability exposes the fears Weakening the fundamental tenets It’s a mechanical race of insanity Breeding false hopes and cyber reality Ghost of time is an aberration Of the illusionary course of debilitation Maladies and sufferings of the soul Shrieks of desperation … Continue reading Specter of Time

The Seeds

As you sow the seeds in the furrows They lay there in a comfortable position Meditating on the inner energy to grow Waiting for the divine light to penetrate The soul is the haven where light and water blend To create the most potent concoction of energy Waking the inner strength, which supine lay When the time is right, the soul wakes up To take … Continue reading The Seeds

In Deep Slumber

When souls have been in deep slumber There is a sinister magical spell of doom Somnambulists are driven toward a cul-de-sac Walking through a decrepit tunnel of maze Many doors open, but there is no hope of escape Souls unaware of the gravity of the situation Tranquil solitude has retired many ages ago Wilderness of creepy vines and entanglement Souls caught in the timeless travail … Continue reading In Deep Slumber