As Flowers Bloom

The world smiles As the flowers bloom Embracing the beauty Invoking the heart With mesmerizing aroma Perfumes of the paradise A cosmic blend To invigorate the senses Every step closer To the pedestal of truth Heartfelt offering Of celestial beauties The aroma to awaken Souls from slumber Another step to nirvana A hypnotic realm A confluence Of the eternal truth Divine offering Of blooming flowers© Continue reading As Flowers Bloom

Dragging Along

Softly slayed by the abrasive thoughts Playing with the alluring fire of conceit Flames spread through the dry wilderness Billowing smoke obfuscates the bright Sun Haze of uncertainties veils the disconcerted soul Pure air is now a blend of toxic fumes The inner world abandoned and dreary Of living death, the body continues to haul The immense burden of losing the paradise Still the desire … Continue reading Dragging Along

If it’s Love

Today, exists the pale shadow of love Where lights have dimmed in the hearts It’s become an easy utterance much too often Love has lost its interpretation and meaning Easy to fall out of love without a commitment Love is not the thirst for lust, but an essence A word used too often but a misunderstood feeling Detached love for hearts that compromise Easier to … Continue reading If it’s Love

Your Journey

The journey depends on the path you choose It is easier going downhill, and It takes will and determination to go uphill The soul toiling with extreme courage Success is, freedom from things that weigh you down Real wealth is the knowledge you acquire To enhance your vision and think positively Look at life from different perspectives Remember, it’s your journey, make it worthwhile© Continue reading Your Journey

Reasons to Lament

We find many reasons to lament Trekking through the uphill terrains The path of life strewn with challenges Having lost the custody of original compass Navigating blindly without a direction Scattering here and there, in every direction Our thoughts running the wild course Fallacies are magnified exponentially Dilapidated walls engulfed with overgrown moss Breathing the dampness of unenlightened thoughts Words bent from the manipulated twists … Continue reading Reasons to Lament