Till Eternity

Love is the eternal canopy Souls visit the altar to pray The divine mantra reverberate A sincere realization of a feeling The sky transforms with a crimson hue Celebrating in merriment Dreams of the heart weave an abode To welcome the lovers Every path leads to eternal euphoria Mellow voices sing the divine tunes Bathed in everlasting luminosity Waves of harmony flow over Love is … Continue reading Till Eternity

World Together

Physically travelling across continents Should be an eye-opener By meeting people of diverse cultures Food becomes a reason to bond Simple to exotic cuisines Different and beautiful terrains Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses Deep gorges and feisty waterways Rustic pathways to classical boulevards Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families Genuine love and affection Somewhere, borders divide the … Continue reading World Together