5 thoughts on “About Lies

  1. Amitav, life experiences at the hands of such “cowards” have taught me to analyze psychologically their behaviour patterns and why they do as they do. It is almost predictable – once you meet a coward, their behaviour patterns are so similar, self protecting, lying, covering up, blame game, back seat driving, everything you can think of-; fallouts- a lot of suffering caused to other people, which they don’t think about, in their journey towards self- protection and survival. I wish someone would give them a big hug and tell them not to be so scared of being honest, or courageous and speaking the truth at least once in their lives. It would make their lives so much more livable for themselves and also less trying for others. Deeply thought provocative poem !

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    1. Yes that’s true and we have to go to the crux of the matter as to how such influences and whose influences are shaping such sinister mindsets. IT’s really difficult to be cautious at all times in life, or stay alienated, but as a collective process we have to change. Maybe some existing ideas and thoughts need to be challenged and necessary transformation.

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      1. It’s funny though, how the cowards seem to be the ones’ who are “successful” and have the ” Midas touch” and seem to ” do well”. As you said existing definitions of success, wealth, greatness, etc.., need to be re-defined. Thank you friend , for great insights.

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  2. And cowards also cause a lot of suffering in their wake while they propagate their falsehoods through their false bravado but I feel one day their halo of “goodness” and the wisps of ” holiness” with which they shroud themselves will one day fly away and they will be exposed in the very way they fear. Which is what makes them cowards in the first place.
    Very insightful poem, Amitav.

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    1. Truly said that. The onus is on us to take more informed decision and think logically; not by the popular thoughts and sentiments that prevail. Thank you so much for you wonderful perspective. 🙂


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