World Together

Physically travelling across continents

Should be an eye-opener

By meeting people of diverse cultures

Food becomes a reason to bond

Simple to exotic cuisines

Different and beautiful terrains

Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses

Deep gorges and feisty waterways

Rustic pathways to classical boulevards

Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens

Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families

Genuine love and affection

Somewhere, borders divide the natural lands

Humanity is everywhere, yet alien to each other

Mind contemplates the reasons

Culture and the religion of humanity should be enough

To start a conversation at a global level

When meetings are restricted

Very rare cultural exchanges and learning’s

Apprehensions are borne from the unknown

Wonder why bonhomie and camaraderie face opposition

Change the world order and restructure the puzzle

Let nature pave the way for a congregation

World and humanity will unite in chorus

The chants from the happy hearts will follow a new course

Humanity and humaneness are the ultimate mantra

The world is one bound by love and affection

Let’s not alienate ourselves from our fellow travelers

There’s more we can achieve in harmony

Without playing some childish mind games of superiority

Realize we are all the same with rich diversity

World canvas will be a masterpiece with the complete painting

Before that, the minds have to defeat sinister challenges

To rise above the mundane living and bring continents together

With the strong bonds of love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude

Thoughts have to be exchanged and minds have to travel

To nullify the boundaries of the mind, hibernating for ages

Let it not be about any race but a race for peace and compassion

World will become the heavenly abode©

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