With every Step

In the delirious hours

When life turns its face away

Casting a shadow on the present

There were many layers

To sift through frantically

Each step turned out to be a misstep

Which side to face?

Or be face to face with life

Shifting alliance with alacrity

To make life more comfortable

Ye not know where life takes a turn

A sharp bend may be a nemesis

Belligerent mind creates a paradox

Plot after plot, well executed

Putting on a face for the crowd

Shades of gray overshadow

The performance is applauded

Affiliation to the hidden world

Scripting an alien lore of desire

Hushed tones and wild extravaganza

Fair chance to create an illusion

Rambunctious hearts seek pleasure

Slowly to fade into oblivion

Trying to climb back with sentimental farce

Clawing away the hands that help©

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