The Purpose in Life

When you are privy to a plot in life that has a wrong star cast, the episode is sure to head for a failure.

Instead of blaming each other and starting a nasty slugfest, it is always honorable to do some introspection. You had been a part of the episode, and willingly or unwillingly, got convinced to play the part.

The propensity to blame each other robs you of the chance to learn from the mistakes. It is likely, that you may make the same mistake in the future.

Blaming comes naturally, as a defense mechanism to extricate from an undesirable situation, to save face. In the process, you get mired in other untoward episodes.

Many people do not have the luxury of a very precious thing in life, which is known as ‘choice’. When you do have the space to choose and take informed decisions, you should take the opportunity to do so.

You may not agree that you were vulnerable and naïve at that particular point in life and in spite of having a choice, you did otherwise. You chose to go along with the whole episode as it seemed exciting.

Blaming others for our failures, woes and undesirable situations in our life comes naturally and that is the first thing we do. In the process, we gloss over our insecurities to hide the mistakes.

The failure to own up to a mistake is common. We all make mistakes but to always blame others for it is a fallacy. Being caught up with many things in life, self-introspection is an alien concept. We know so little about ourselves.

We do not know our strengths and weaknesses, our capabilities which can make us a better person. Insightful thinking is an exercise for the mind. Thinking keeps the mind agile and alert.

There are many distractions in life, but we always can step back and find our space to recollect our thoughts.

Be selfish, when it comes to your well-being. The whole world won’t be at your doorstep to think for you and guide you with your decisions in life.

Educate yourself on the seriousness and different dimensions of life.

Today’s woes and chaos are our creations. It is time to clear up the mess we have created and bring some clarity in our vision for life.

When life has so much positivity to offer, why we choose to create a world full of negativity. In a way, we are rejecting the wonderful gift that life has to offer.

Great Seers, thinkers, and philosophers are always making a valuable contribution to humanity with their positive ideas.

Throughout history, they remained the second choice, whereas humanity continued with mindless journeys which lead to much chaos.

Modern education is not holistic and does not cater to the important nuances of life. It’s time we turn to the real teacher, life itself, to educate ourselves.

The more you know about yourself and there is a self-realization, the more you will see the positive aspects of life and look to empower others.

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