The Mirror

The mirror frames you perfectly

You entire existence is a reflection

Only for you to stand there and contemplate

How does your world fit here?

Reflecting how life has been treating you

Silent ponderings, from busy thoughts

You cannot hide your face away

A reflection of a reflection of your heart

The eyes hold the gaze through the retrospective

You life going back and forth in time

As the mind wanders into the past

Trying to evaluate the present status of life

Your life reflected within the length and breadth

Mirroring the truth, the reflection peering into your eyes

Reading the important excerpts of your life

The mirror holds the truth in the vivid reflection©

13 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. Excellent and very evocative post, dear Amitav. I think most people can resonate with what you write here, especially as time goes on in our lives. Once we are in the thick of our existence – have made certain choices and experienced particular episodes – our lives assume a unique flavour or character, therefore I think many people look in the mirror and ask themselves the questions you raise. Standing before the mirror becomes a moment of self-reflection and not just checking our physical appearance. Warm wishes, always, Sam 🙂

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