Slippery Fortunes

Don’t blame the slippery fortunes Where dreams slew away to obscurity All the conscious efforts to manipulate Taking the sheen away from the conscious mind Luring away the heart towards an askew path Throwing away the wealth of life in bogs Struggling with the disparaging reality Life slips away, mocking at the entire fiasco Sauntering away from the days of innocence and truth A lost … Continue reading Slippery Fortunes

Just a Traveler

Neither a leader nor a follower Just a simple traveler Along the path of self-realization Following the rainbow’s arch From horizon to horizon Floating across the surreal waters Many unknown hues And the myriad moods of life A traveler across a different path Solitary and tranquil valleys Across the beautiful wilderness Just a simple traveler Moving along in search of meaning Carrying within a belief … Continue reading Just a Traveler

Morning Melody

The poet listens carefully to the morning melody Waking up after a brief slumber filled with dreams Tryst with the moonlight, bathing in the milky light He descended on the dreamland of many miles Sweetly played the divine tunes like dripping honey A melody never heard before in the daily world Soon the morning came to awaken the resplendent soul Transforming the dreamland with its … Continue reading Morning Melody