Slippery Fortunes

Don’t blame the slippery fortunes

Where dreams slew away to obscurity

All the conscious efforts to manipulate

Taking the sheen away from the conscious mind

Luring away the heart towards an askew path

Throwing away the wealth of life in bogs

Struggling with the disparaging reality

Life slips away, mocking at the entire fiasco

Sauntering away from the days of innocence and truth

A lost child in the search of dysfunctional ideas

Fortunes slip away and the subliminal world shuts

Leaving the soul in a lackluster world of wants

Temperamental outbursts weaken the existence

Raging sea of discontent sweeps away a world

The anchors in the wrong shore proved detrimental

Sinking the ship every day, to the depths of agony

Brief stay in paradise to the dark depths of obscurity©

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