Choices of Life

A life that is simple and dwells in silence

Another parallel, where unnecessary embellishments

The suave communication and the grandeur

Unaware of the real motives in the underbelly

Too often, an ambition to veer away from the mundane

Trying to disassociate from the roots of stability

Without the integrity and enacting scenes of debauchery

Unknowingly at the depths of sameness, finding individuality

Long after losing an identity, it’s the borrowed façade

To be a face among the many, masquerading stealthily

Rebels without a cause waiting to be exploited

The roots have long withered away, only the dead branches

Maneuvering through the gusts of winds of euphoria

There comes a time when all the lights fade out

Leaving alone, the dead branches devoid of life’s juices

Deserted by time and the world that seemed so fascinating

A parallel world of simplicity and immense knowledge

There, waited in silence, for the wayward soul to return

Now, the dry branches wither away further, to be blown away©

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