Shy Luminescence

The night reveals a shy luminescence Painted with the soft brush strokes A scene of ethereal beauty across the canvas The clarity of the silhouette edges is mesmerizing An abstract art evolves from vivid imagination The fervor of the silent night draped in grandeur Trembling with shyness the eternal beauty of night Divine beauty descended from the heavenly abode Intoxicating night’s aroma stirs the euphoric … Continue reading Shy Luminescence


The aberration of perception Eclipsed by the reflection of a reflection Distorted by the created illusion Emanating from a concrete viewpoint Based on physical evidence and vision Glancing over the veneer of superficiality Creating a structure in the mind Over a foundation of acquired fallacy An abyss between reality and perception Coming to conclusion through naïve realism Negating the distortion of reflected awareness All objects … Continue reading Perception

Happiness and You

Transform not happiness into a dependence Not to betray the world within you with deprivation Journey inward and acquaint the self with inner strength A beautifully resilient traveler soul seeking a path Evoke the unique positive values and realize your worth Precious heart seeks direction from the subliminal positivity All the senses in a confluence flow through you Your soul is the custodian of the … Continue reading Happiness and You