Life, as it is

I am incorrigible. Yes, that’s because, I do not wish to change according to someone else’s perception about me. I come into my elements when faced with criticism, ridicule, or any disparaging remarks made about me. They do not deter me, much to the agony of those who resort to such antics. For me, I feel amused, when I prefer to remain quiet and watch … Continue reading Life, as it is


Flaunting the heroics Reflecting a deep-rooted insecurity A face to uphold superiority An epoch of turmoil Due to the propagandist attitude Flawed philosophies Emanating from weak foundations The proletariats must rise And demand an education of reform To wipe away prejudices And create a world of critical thinkers Let the thinkers and philosophers Bring the agenda of hope A route for humanity towards progress Now, … Continue reading Temerity

Turn your Life Around

Turn your life inside out To examine and ponder over realities True persona, a reflection of yourself For the whole world to witness the real you With the vulnerabilities and faults The weaknesses and the darker hues It may seem vulgar and outrageous To open up your world within for display When the strain pulls you apart You are at the crossroads, deciding Pulling you … Continue reading Turn your Life Around

Essaying Life

Life is a narrative of various feelings Essayed by us through a lifetime of events Always trying to grapple with contradictions To come to a consensus with fellow travelers We essay our dreams, fears, love, and fragility Feeling vulnerable, but daring to face life The unknown metaphysical world, an eternity Learning to face the uncertainties that waits Every day, there are new experiences to learn … Continue reading Essaying Life