Today’s Moments

Nurture today’s moments

Live as much possible and with valor

Also with empathy and love

Every moment now is a gift

Soon, it will be part of your past

Bunch of moments will be added

To the pages of your life’s memoir

As today silently rolls away

To blend into to the twilight

A new future awaits you eagerly

Make every page worth reading

In the eventide of your life

Every page from the past you will read

Revisit the choices you have made

There comes a moment of truth

When the past confronts you

For a brief moment of realization

Either you will be proud or run away

Or, close your eyes in satisfaction

As the biopic starts playing

Scripted by you over a lifetime

Life is what you make of it

The choices and consequences

Life will ask you questions

Be prepared with the plausible replies©

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