The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life

Mostly we tread the unknown and walk along the unknown alleys. It’s a relentless pursuit to believe that we comprehend the meaning and the purpose. On the contrary, we harbor innumerable doubts in our minds.

The ever-shifting dynamics of life is too enormous a philosophy to comprehend. We rush into life and the existing system which is process driven.

When we try to confine an essence or a philosophy as complex as life, it sure limits our space to experiment or have time to experience life in its true manifestation.

Mostly, we get taught about life and the same thoughts or ideas which have been prevalent or which were successful in the past, is passed on as a legacy. We become heir to the prejudices, dogmas and the concrete thought processes.

There seems to be a lacuna in our understanding of the philosophy of life. We have come this far without a fair idea about the origin of it all.

We use our intelligence and try to assign a meaning, based on our perception. We are staring at too many perceptions.

Till now we have created a world based on our thinking and idea of a reality of what we have comprehended. It is a parallel concept which would never come to a confluence.

Philosophers, throughout human history, have tried to delve deeper, to infer the larger meaning of life. The challenge is, how we assimilate this vastness and the hidden mysteries of the cosmic realm.

There have been many postulations and scientific theories which have tried to come closer to the entire calculation of life. Yet, there are still many fundamental questions which remain unanswered.

Scientific and philosophical temperament, have been applied to get into the complex labyrinth of life. It’s a complicated maze strewn with many puzzles in-between.

Ancient scriptures and other chronicles as recorded through countless observations are there to aid us in this search. It is an ongoing journey, without a definitive conclusion.

We may have theories, hypotheses, and scientific arguments, but the fact is we are still at a stage where we continue to come up with more questions.

Now the question is, whether we are looking at the right places or asking the right questions. For us to comprehend life, we have to understand the nature of life itself. So far, we have reached the distant boundaries.

We have to match the pace of life and not try to compete with life. So often we are in a hurry to go ahead in life.

Instead of letting life happen to us, we manufacture our own reality to convert this journey into a race. Maybe, we are not driven by the right ambitions.

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