Restricting Thoughts

Beware of the thoughts that slave the soul

Coercing the mind and heart to believe in permanence

Early are sown the seeds that blossom into dull flowers

Throughout the garden of life with monotonous colors

Dwelling on the regurgitated thoughts, hoping for a miracle

Home detains the soul from venturing out to the right path

Looking for familiarity and completely averse to find the truth

Somewhere, the true identity fades away in silent conformity

Even death will be confused to come and visit a transformed soul

Losing the identity at birth and living a lackluster life for years

Held hostage to the boundaries of life and failed to explore

A pale shadow of the truth that was birthed now stares clueless

Gone astray, a chance of a lifetime to understand the meaning of life

Unaware, the life was driven and coerced by typical thoughts©

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