The Unsaid

The unsaid is often the truth

Held so closely to the heart

Mirrored through subtle gestures

Listen to the unsaid

Closely, with an intuitive mind

Then what is said?

Half-hearted attempt to convey

The messages one wants to hear

Not necessarily the truth

Oft spoken to please

With an ulterior motive

Oratory and skillful obfuscation

Wins over gullible heart

Look closely- the body language

Says much more

In connivance with the unsaid

The aura of the being

And the natural vibes

Careful minds choose

To wait for the truth

Time will reveal the unsaid

Patience is the key

To decipher the unsaid©

2 thoughts on “The Unsaid

  1. Full of wisdom, dear Amitav. Well done! Our societies put so much emphasis on “verbal” communication, and yet if we allow ourselves to be “natural” – and if we trust our non-verbal abilities by using what you call our “intuitive mind” – we find we get a lot of information from other, more subtle indicators, like body language and energy in the form of the aura. Words can be manipulated and manipulative, but non-verbal language is a lot harder to falsify – as you rightly point out. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Righty said, Sam. It has been a continuous learning experience for me. I am starting to gain some insight into the rhetoric and the truth that is being conveyed. Words may disguise the true intent, but the eyes and body language never fail to convey the truth. Thank you for your perspective. 🙂 Best wishes and greetings, Amitav.

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